Noah Theroux;


-Devil Town Uni student


-Works out when stressed

-Basically a huge, opinionated douche

Noah is that friend that you can't help but love - he's a nerd but at the same time knows how to have a good time. He's fiercely loyal to those he cares about -which isn't many.

His friends mean the world to him and he'd do anything for them. But at the same time, he won't be a mat for people to walk on.

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Study Break || Noah and April

Noah spent what felt like a good thirty minutes rummaging around his notebook from last year for his old Art History notes….why the hell he took the class last year as opposed to the year before was beyond him. It was because of that damned class he couldn’t take an extra law class. But it all worked out in the end because he has enough free time this year to take it anyway. 

"Ah ha! Found ya!" He exclaimed proudly, looking down a the notebook tucked far under his bed. He knew he kept all of his old notes for this reason exactly, he never knew when a friend or someone desperate for his help needed it. He didn’t mind helping people, he really didn’t, it was just when they treated him like shit in the long run that bugged him. But he didn’t really have that problem with April. Truth be told, he was glad she asked for help because he hadn’t had the chance to really see her since the break-up with Lara. Noah bit at his bottom lip at the thought of it. 

Brushing off the thought easily, he stood up, staring at the notebook like it was some kind of prized possession. With a small, satisfied nod to himself he tucked it under his arm and left his room, praying to whatever god that would listen that he could still navigate the campus to find her dorm. 

Thankfully, she wasn’t that far away, so before he could go talk himself out of seeing the woman he hooked up with after breaking up with her best friend he was already there and he figured he might as well. Noah instinctively found his way to her room, his memory foggy but his gut assuring him that he was in the right place. He knocked on the door and waited for it to swing open. 

"This notebook comes at a price of you sharing your Chinese and a beer." He said with a small smirk as the door opened, "That’s the deal." He meant to finish that last bit seriously, but his face betrayed him and he cracked a smile. 

"Hi April." 

Sassy as Fuck || Imogen and Noah


Despite all the shit that happened at the superhero party, with her finding out about Coulter and Noelle fucking behind her back and revealing to the entire student body that she could possess people, things were actually pretty good. Imogen had been pledging ZBZ, and she was Leah Everett’s progeny of sorts. Needless to say, Imogen dominated Greek Life and took orders from no bitch, except Leah of course. So when her big sister asked her to stop by the KT house to arrange a mixer, Imogen was more than happy to do so. Surprisingly enough, Imogen didn’t consider it awkward in the slightest. Well, it was true she had fucked Charlie Cunningham in a closet three minutes after her breakup with Coulter, and that she had gotten Noah shot three weeks earlier, but she wasn’t about to let that interfere with her duties. Both her and Noah were over it, and it’s not like Charlie would think twice about their closeted night of passion, which she still had the fading bite mark on her collarbone to show for, by the way.

When she reached the door, Imogen didn’t bother knocking. Instead she flung the door open and made her way up the stairs, where she assumed Noah and Charlie’s rooms were. Imogen could only assume that she would be dealing with Noah, since Charlie was probably preoccupied fucking some girl or eating some pie, or both. A group of frat boys started being typical asshats as they heckled and hollered at Imogen. Giving them a nice terrifying stare, Imogen hissed at them. Immediately they began scurrying down the stairs, tripping over their own dignity. Well then. She shrugged it off and continued on to finish her task. Finding a door with a portrait of pie on it, she could only assume that Noah’s room would be behind the door adjacent to that one. Knocking on the door, she called out. “If you’re fucking someone, hurry up and finish. I came all the way here and I’m not leaving until this is taken care of.” Imogen waited outside the door, tapping her foot while she looked at her watch.

Noah had been neglecting his social life severely. Not only did he have massive work to make up from his sudden absence but homecoming completely blindsided him. After all…it seemed like he was starting school just the other day. Time went way too quickly. He had heard about what’d he’d been missing at the parties, naturally Noah was one to listen when he was damned sure he thought no one else was. 

As he scrolled through his paper for the umpteenth time he decided it was done well enough and he printed it. The worst part was….it wasn’t even his fucking paper. Naturally, in his innate ability to spend all his money on stupid shit, a trait he was sure he picked up from Charlie over the years, had resurfaced. And since he was a senior, with no job really and he needed money? Well since he couldn’t get a job suddenly he resumed doing the dirty work for the other students on campus and doing papers for pay. It wasn’t that bad really. He just had to do what he had to so he could do what he wanted.

His face had just connected with the pillow when he heard the all too familiar voice of Imogen. 

"I’m naked in a room with so many women I can’t even count how many." He said in a monotone voice before lifting his head to yell, "It’s open, Im." his head fell back down onto his bed. Before he realized that she was in the Frat house, "Uhhh what’re you doing here?" He asking, craning his head to look up at her as he heard the click of his door opening. 

Noah & Belle // Annual First Date.


Belle drew in a deep breath as she finished blow-drying the last bit of her long chocolaty brunette hair. Outside the bathroom door she could hear the busy ruffling of the rest of her sorority sisters moving in. Being the president of Delta Nu came with it’s perks. Not only did she have the biggest and best room, she also got to move in a day early meaning she had time for other things. Like every first day of the new semester since freshman year, Belle had made it a tradition to get all dressed up and take Noah to dinner. As she walked through her sorority house in nothing be a towel on her way to her room, Belle couldn’t help but have the same excited butterflies in her stomach just like she had for the past four years. As she reached the room titled “Belle” in purple bubble letters, Belle pushed open the door and rushed over to her closet. She needed the perfect outfit. Black? No, black was too serious. Red? Too slutty. As she threw aside every dress she owned, she finally spotted it. A crisp white mini dress. Belle tossed off her towel and slipped on the dress. Twirling in the dress, she nodded her head. “Perfect.”

After finishing up the look with a soft brown eye shadow paired with liner and jet stiletos, Belle decided she looked as good as she was ever going to look. She picked up her phone, scrolling down to Noah’s name and tapping in a text. ’On my way!’ She wrote. A couple of her sisters commented on her outift, one or two even giving her a whistle as she made her way down the staircase of her house and out towards sorority row. Luckily, Delta Nu’s sorority house was only one block from Fraternity row and Kappa’s house. Sure Delta and Kappa normally didn’t get along, but Noah and Belle tore down that stereotype. After about 5 minutes, she arrived at Kappa Tau’s house. She fluffed her hair a rang the belle. It didn’t take long for someone to answer. A freshman by the looks of it, the boy looked totally confused to see a woman at the door. Obviously, he wasn’t prepared for the Kappa house. “I’ve got a date with the best looking Kappa. Tell him I’m here?” She said, teasing the already confused boy. “How about I just show myself in?” He boy moved aside as Belle walked into the house leading her way to where she knew Noah’s room to be.

Seeing Noah was one of the best parts of returning to college. Noah was perfect. He was friends with her boyfriend so there was none of that awkward jealousy, he had always been there for her since before she could remember, and it didn’t help that he was easy on the eyes. All in all, Noah was Belle’s best friend. That wouldn’t ever change.Turning heads as she walked through the house, Belle giggled. It wasn’t surprising for a house full of men to act this way, yet it still made her feel giddy. It only just dawned on her that she might run into Charlie. After their awkward encounter at his party, she hoped above all things that he was already partying just around the corner at University Ave. Finding the door that was labeled ‘Noah Theroux’, Belle knocked a couple times before opening the door and letting herself in. “Where’s my hot date?” She teased looking around and not noticing him. She huffed and paced around the room waiting for him to return.

Noah sat up in his computer chair, furiously typing away as he usually spent the majority of his free time. Unlike the rest of his frat brothers, he didn’t spend his time going drinking or partying. Sure, he had his fair share of wild times but that wasn’t all he lived for. Maybe it was his overabundance of experience with Charlie that made him naturally want to look after him in return of him defending Noah almost every day when they were kids. But he was used to being the ‘den mother’ of sorts for the frat house. He made sure they kept their grades up, always had taxi money when they went out, and did all the paperwork that Charlie didn’t even know existed. And that’s what he did, all the time. He spent a good hour and half going through applicants for the fraternity. It wasn’t long until he glanced at the clock and cursed aloud. 

"Fuck! I’m late!" He muttered to himself as he sprung up from his chair. He did this every year, and every year he always forgot. There honestly was something wrong with his memory or something. Grabbing a towel he dashed into Charlie and his shared bathroom - he thanked anyone who would listen that Charlie wasn’t currently in there puking his guts out. Although by this point, he was probably partying puking his guts out in someone else’s bathroom. Noah snorted softly at the though of his best friend and shook his head. As quickly as possible Noah showered before shaving making sure that he didn’t look rushed at all. He dried his hair as quickly as possible with his towel, for once in his life he wished he had a blow dryer. 

Deciding that’s the best he was gonna get, the realization that he still needed to get dressed, he mentally planned his outfit as he brushed his teeth. His mind thought of all the options, red? Not his color. White? Wrinkled on the floor. Black? Not a freakin’ funeral. He finally settled on a deep navy blue button up that he had in his closet…somewhere. Belle likes blue, right? He thought to himself. He didn’t really know why he was so keen on pleasing her, but he was. After all, they were basically best friends as long as he had been friends with Charlie. Belle had always been his number one cheerleader in basically everything he did. Whether it was just stupid little things like internships or applying for different law schools, she was there for him. She was amazing and he loved to be with her as much as he could. Even though they were technically on different ‘sides’ he knew that in 5 years it wouldn’t really matter who belonged to who. He always felt this need to keep an eye on her, not in a creepy kinda way but make sure that she was taken care of and happy. In the end that’s all he really wanted, was for her to be happy.

Letting out a sigh and pushing those thoughts out of mind, he wrapped a towel around his waist, slung low on his hips. After all, he had his windows open and that wouldn’t be the first time he’s caught freshman chicks thinking it was Charlie’s window. Clinging the towel together he stepped out into his room only to find a very, very pretty looking Belle. And he was still incredibly under clothed. 

"Uhhhh. Hey Bells." He laughed, "I’m kinda running late….." He began awkwardly giving her a goofy half grin as he scratched the back of his head with his hand that wasn’t holding up the towel.